Wenger Furniture and Appliances has been serving Southern California for over 70 years. With our great quality of service and dedication, we believe that we are the #1 furniture and appliances retailer in Los Angeles. We commit to deliver quality furniture, appliances, electronics and we provide the best set up and delivery service possible.

Our objective is to make our customers feel confident when either making a purchase at our store or on-line.

Our online store is both extensive and offers a comfortable and safe buying experience. Our secure online system offers a grand selection of furniture and appliances not available by other retailers. And, our convenient delivery distinguishes us from other stores because when you buy from us we have same day or next day delivery.

Our family-run furniture and appliances store has become the best furniture store in Los Angeles. In 1947 my dad, Martin, as well as my three uncles and grandfather started the business because they enjoyed serving people. For over 64 years our whole family’s commitment has made Wenger Furniture and Appliances the most experienced store in Los Angeles. Therefore, we offer the best service and the best quality furniture at the lowest price to our customers.

In 2009 we introduced our website which now employs the most secure internet system which still parallels the same values and practices that my family has had for the last 64 years. Our goal is to create a wonderful and informative shopping experience for our customers. Each day, we improve our systems to make our internet shopping easier.

Today, our on-line store and our brick and mortar, 30,000 sq. ft. store, with our warehouse on the premises are making an impact on the growing furniture industry. We are shipping our products all across America.  Thanks to the help of our employees at Wenger Furniture and Appliances, we are still growing and  improving daily. We have worked hard to create the logistics to enable us to deliver products nationwide.

We welcome you to visit and purchase from our Website, or visit our store which is located on Whittier Blvd. right off of the #60, Pomona freeway and the #5 freeway”. We welcome you to visit us today.