How to choose the right TV for you

Have you ever found yourself lamenting the size of your TV, the brightness of it, or other various aspects? You’re not alone. Many Americans have the wrong TV for the makeup of their house. Some of them are too big, others are too small.

A 65″ Plasma TV in a small apartment is probably not a good idea, especially if it is located in a high-rise building with little natural light. Conversely, if you have a lot of kids, or just one precocious, adventurous child, it is probably best not to mount a heavy TV on the wall or even close to their path of curiosity. Keep the TV in the master bedroom until they are a little older.

According to the NY Times’ Gadgetwise blog, there is a mathematical formula to choosing the right distance and size for the perfect TV for your room. Basically, you take the viewing distance in inches, and divide it by 2. For example, a 50 inch TV is the perfect TV if you plan to comfortably watch from 100 inches away. Some people divide by 2.5, and some people divide by 1.5, however. In the end, the best way to find your perfect TV is to go into a furniture or electronics store with the specifications of your room and ask the sales people for help.

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