Thinking about Buying a Dining Room Set? Ask yourself these questions first

Buying a new dining room for your home is not an easy task like grocery shopping or buying tickets on-line for the next big Billy Joel concert. A perfect dining room purchase requires imagination, careful planning and follow-through. Too many times a loving couple, man or woman will venture into a furniture store to buy what they think will be an awesome dining room set  that they will cherish and enjoy, only to choose a set that they dislike two days into their five year relationship. They should have done their due diligence at home.

Being at the store without knowing exactly what they want and what they will need for their family will lead to a house full of anxiety if the furniture store delivers their chosen set, and the set is completely wrong for their household. Save yourself the hassles, arguments and intense anger by planning first.

Ask yourself these questions before you arrive at any store:

1)  Is the dining room set for everyday use, for formal occasions or do you need a dining room set for formal occasions and everyday use?

2)  How many people will be sitting at your table enjoying two or three meals a day? Comfort and convenience are a major factor.

3)  How much room do you have in your eating area ? Measure accurately, in feet and inches, the entire room available. If necessary, lay some newspapers down on the floor to give you an example of available space. Don’t forget about the chairs. They take up space; however, they are not always “pushed in” under the table. Measure your available space with the chairs situated as if a person is seated in a comfortable position.

4)  This is an easy question; what color set do you like?

5)  Do you want a regular, standard 30” height table or do you want the newest style, a  36” counter height table with the  24” dinette chairs acting as bar stools.  24” stools have become the latest fad; however, they are sometimes not the most comfortable. The foot supports, known as stretcher bars, must be placed in the correct position for optimum comfort and some people’s legs tend to tire when they are not comfortably resting on the floor. Double check and try to imagine sitting on a counter height set, before you make the purchase, for at least 20 minutes.

6)  What kind of table top do you want:  tile, marble, solid wood, melamine / painted paper finish or Formica? The most durable scratch resistant table tops are Formica and marble. The other finishes need  place-mats for table top protection if you want to keep your table looking fresh and elegant.


If you answer these questions before you visit a variety of furniture stores, your chance of a buying the right dining room set increases.  Careful planning is the key to a great purchase that you will be happy about for the years to come. Your dining area is normally next to the kitchen and is sometimes the busiest spot in the house. Why not make it the most enjoyable room and the most comfortable place to be!


Best Practices for Washing Clothes

  • Always use HE (High Efficiency) detergent.

    Front-loading clothes washers are designed to use High Efficiency detergent. Using regular detergent creates too much suds, which will affect the machine’s washing and rinsing performance. Over time, it can lead to odors and mechanical problems.

  • Fill it up.

    Clothes washers use about the same amount of energy regardless of the size of the load, so run full loads whenever possible.

  • Wash in cold water.

    Water heating consumes about 90% of the energy it takes to operate a clothes washer. Unless you’re dealing with oily stains, washing in cold water will generally do a good job of cleaning. Switching your temperature setting from hot to warm can cut energy use in half. Using the cold cycle reduces energy use even more.

  • Use a drying rack or hang clothes outside.

    Where and when possible, air-drying clothes instead of using a dryer not only saves energy, but also helps them last longer.

  • Avoid the sanitary cycle.

    This super hot cycle, available on some models, increases energy use significantly. Only use it when absolutely necessary.

  • Activate the high spin speed option.

    If your clothes washer has spin options, choose a high spin speed or the extended spin option to reduce the amount of remaining moisture in your clothes after washing. This decreases the amount of time it takes to dry your clothes.

  • Leave the door open after use.

    Front-loading washers use airtight seals to prevent water from leaking while the machine is in use. When the machine is not in use, this seal can trap moisture in the machine and lead to mold. Leave the door ajar for an hour or two after use to allow moisture to evaporate. Make sure children do not climb into the machine while the door is open.

  • Rinse the washer every month.

    Some manufacturers recommend rinsing the washer each month by running a normal cycle with 1 cup of bleach to help reduce the risk of mold or mildew buildup. Consult the product owner’s manual before attempting.

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How to Choose the Perfect Air Conditioner

How to Choose the Right Air Conditioner Model

With summer approaching, now more than ever people in Los Angeles need to be thinking about how they will keep cool in the months ahead. We here at Wenger Furniture want to offer a quick guide on how to do so.

It is as simple as 1.2.3.

1. Measure the Room (length x width = Area in square feet)

2. Match Room Size to BTU’s (BTU stands for British Thermal Unit)

3. Measure Size of Window Opening (for window models only)

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How to choose the right TV for you

Have you ever found yourself lamenting the size of your TV, the brightness of it, or other various aspects? You’re not alone. Many Americans have the wrong TV for the makeup of their house. Some of them are too big, others are too small.

A 65″ Plasma TV in a small apartment is probably not a good idea, especially if it is located in a high-rise building with little natural light. Conversely, if you have a lot of kids, or just one precocious, adventurous child, it is probably best not to mount a heavy TV on the wall or even close to their path of curiosity. Keep the TV in the master bedroom until they are a little older.

According to the NY Times’ Gadgetwise blog, there is a mathematical formula to choosing the right distance and size for the perfect TV for your room. Basically, you take the viewing distance in inches, and divide it by 2. For example, a 50 inch TV is the perfect TV if you plan to comfortably watch from 100 inches away. Some people divide by 2.5, and some people divide by 1.5, however. In the end, the best way to find your perfect TV is to go into a furniture or electronics store with the specifications of your room and ask the sales people for help.

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